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Julie knelt on the floor next to her bed and bent over so her upper half was on the bed and supported.

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Julie sighed contentedly and placed her arms out across the bed and opened her knees slightly to allow access. Just remember though once he starts there will be no stopping him so this is your last chance to back out.

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Standing and moving to in front of Michelle, Julie squatted down causing her dress to rise and tighten a little, despite the long slash up the middle. Michelle moaned softly and started to relax as she felt Julie rhythmically probe before every so often breaking and licking round the outside of her anal star.

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To achieve the correct position you now bring your knees forward and tuck them up into your stomach. Free Sex Chat.

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A few days later after a very pleasant transatlantic flight, she could get used to travelling first class Michelle thought to herself, Michelle found herself in a luxurious basement in a very discreet New Your townhouse. I am bi and have been for most of my life. Benjie padded into the room with the calm dependable stoic nature that the club loved.

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With the table clear and fresh coffee between them Julie got out an old fashioned yellow legal pad and elegant Mont Blanc pen which she carefully laid out before her. The benefit is that this then binds us together so you have a safe place to fulfil your desires all over the world. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Aged over 40 and living in the UK. Married for the second time. Michelle had done anal before a couple of time with chico sex club but this was so different, on a physical level the dog was taking her pure and simple, and pounded her ass making her moan as the dog drove in and out at a rapid pace.

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The following morning they say at the breakfast table, Michelle was excited like she was about to undertake a new college project. As she watched Chico pounded Julie braced against the bed and Michelle could see her hands gripping the bed covers as he drove in. Chico sex club Michelle was satisfied she had obtained all she could from that position she turned Julie over so the she was lying on her back with her legs wide apart.

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Julie broke from her anal rimming and Michelle felt something small being inserted into her ass but was so relaxed it slid in without her really noticing. The outcome was a dog that was placid and would not get overexcited, saying that he chico sex club a dog and at the smell of a bitch in heat he started to show straight away and his long thin red cock protruded from its hairy sheath. After taking the initial mouthful cum rather than swallow Michelle lifted her head and opened her lips so Julie could look into her mouth and see the cum. Now that you have done that you rest the front of your body on your elbows.

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Julie knew that Michelle had come a long way in such a short time and was still young, but she was confident that Michelle could handle the final tasks. Julie moved behind Michelle and knelt at her upturned ass gently caressing the twin globes before reaching out and gently parting them. Published by.

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Julie bent her head up and she could see that Chico had mounted Michelle as was pounding away sending Michelle mouth deep onto Julie pussy. And every member knows that every other member has done the same.

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Julie was moaning as Chico throbbed and pulsed inside and she could feel the jets of cum spurting deep sending her over the top as she gripped the bedcovers. Julie felt Chicos knot banging against her pussy lips and then the pure joy as it forced inside and began to swell locking with her before breeding would commence.

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On a mental level Michelle felt the most wonderful slutty feeling wash over her chico sex club knew that once she got back to Chico it was something she would be adding to their repartee. Michelle could feel the tongue drive deeper and groaned as Julie started to tongue fuck making her body tense as it started its journey towards an orgasm.

Not wanting to waste a drop of the heavenly cocktail Michelle clamped her mouth over Julie pussy and sucked, causing Julie to whimper as the sensations shot through her body like little electric shocks. Feeling the hot cum spurting send Michelle wild as to her surprise she orgasmed from what would appear to be just pure anal stimulation though at that moment in the time her whole body was just one massive nerve ending.

The stab of pain chico sex club Michelle experienced was almost spiritual as her ass was invaded by the dog cock in one swift movement.