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Dude stop posting as someone else as if they agree with you. This makes what your doing even more worrisome. Nothing that I said below was rude it was an observation. I will say this if Veronica Paris is reading this or any of her friends make sure you watch out for this guy.

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We each had 2 beers and then she offered me a private dance. Too thick for me. She pulled me on stage and p. Sets of 3 songs each. I said No 60 on;y for a handy. All the white girls sounded Eastern European. I bit her tits an rubbed her pussy. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:.

Kennedy rd

It was starting to drag on. After the game, still not having been approached by a single dancer, and it was getting pretty late, I was contemplating leaving, when finally someone walked up. now. Finally about3 hours and 2 beers in, an amazing 10 AA named Trina took the stage.

Asked me to pull my pants down, I did an she jerked my cock, straddled my chest and stuffed her tits in my mouth. So my business travels landed me in the great white north. Would not do extras. I said Your dirty. She kept ridding, smiling an moaning. We got to talking and she told me about herself. A little older, killer bod, fantastic long brunette. Moving on. As soon as I saw her walk across the club to the bar I knew I had to get a dance. I had a LOT of those. This got her going and she starte Heard a lot about kennedy's mostly that the women were older. Upon closer inspection however, she had some real years on her, and wasn't something I was interested in.

Converted back to US, that's the cheapest scotch Kennedys strip club ever ordered, so very happy about that. I hadn't been to Kennedy's in quite a while, since the last time I was there on a Saturday night the girls didn't look too great, but I was pleasantly surprised this time around. She had a knock out kennedys strip club but not really my thing.

She was wearing some sexy pink lingerie that showed off her perky breasts and firm ass quite nicely. There was a girl on stage on her last song, so fully nude.

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It was a girl I saw on stage, forgot her name, that had a pretty boring dance routine, but seemed hot from that distance. Stupid me should have kennedys strip club a glove and fucked her ass hole. Related Clubs. I said I'm going to cum, she smiled and I said you want me to cum in you. Took 1 dance from Agnes. So I sat down with my buddies and drank a few beers while checking out the new talent.

Took a seat at the bar, because to be honest, the Stanley cup final was going on and I was interested in the outcome.

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The song started and she showed me very quickly that she knew how to use her hands and hips. The put me inside her. I undid her bra and squeezed her breasts and ass. Hard to describe but one round stage with a pole in the center. I accepted and she took me up the stairs to the 2nd level of the club where she sat me down and she climbed on top of my lap.

Got checked in to my hotel near the airport around 9, and desperately needed a drink. A quick Google search put the club quite near to me, so I took an Kennedys strip club out there and walked in. But the visit did break the dam.

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Ok looking, great bod, beautiful straight hair. Weirdest 3 level layout I ever saw. I wanted her.

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Dirty, I had fun but regret it. She told me I was free to touch wherever I wanted except her pussy. No cover charge. Next up was Selena. As far as dancers go, there weren't a whole lot of winners, but a couple that might have been worth it. The girls were mostly Europeans and Latinas and while they looked nice, nobody really came along that made me want to get a dance.

Bathrooms downstairs. Got approached by a couple girls that did nothing for me. Leaving my friends behind I waited until she sat down and offered to buy her a drink. This one chick showed me kennedys strip club tits, took my hand and placed it on her tits. So i went to this place and was approached by many strippers for funtime. Club type: Nude Dancers. I was Toggle lustnames.

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No one approached the stage or tipped. Very odd. So I told her I was looking for a handy for a release. I was shocked but figured it was too late to stop so she rode and moaned.

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Apparently it was where I was kennedys strip club at the bar, but I was not approached by anyone for an hour or two after being there. Kennedy's was my first experience with a Canadian strip club. Free parking. Read a lot of reviews and this was close to the Hilton I was staying at. She kennedys strip club dressed and headed out the door as soon as she was done. Dance was ok. Stage sets here last 3 songs, and are a progressive state of undress. Password Remember Me. Password Register. Ordered a scotch on the rocks, and came out to be 8. Kennedy's Adult Entertainment 5 reviews Add review.

Told her I was going to cum, she smiled and kept moaning. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. I was first approached by a spanish girl named lola easily in her early 40s and go a dance. Not worth a second. She put then condo away reached back and stroked my cock.

The conversation was pretty standard for meeting someone new but she was flirty and knew how to flaunt her looks to get me going.

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Bolt on, blond. She took me up stairs, and started to rub me. I was focussed on the game, so it was ok at the time, but had I been there another time, that would have been an issue. As soon as I walked in it was apparent that this group of girls was kennedys strip club and far less rough around the edges.

First up was Niccola. My first impressions were positive. No diseases yet but am awaiting text. I sat down ordered a drink and watched the show. Crazy bitch.